Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Issues Paper

So I'm supposed to brainstorming a few potential topics for my issues paper.  One thing that I have been studying for another class is the Gulag.  This got me thinking about the cult of personality created of Stalin, by Stalin, for Stalin (See here for a brief explanation of cult of personality if the concept is foreign to you).  This, in turn, led me to consider that perhaps there is a cult of personality of President Obama.  If you think about what he's done as president, and then consider the praises he's received and awards he's been given, tied in with the media's treatment of him and his actions,  then you can definitely see some semblance of a cult personality.  I wonder how much information I would be able to find about this.  What has been done to establish a sort of cult of personality?  What has been done to prevent such an establishment?  What are the effects of this cult of personality, if it indeed exists?
Another topic that has been on my mind lately is Occupy Wall Street.  More specifically, I wonder who is funding them, why they're being funded, what demographics make up the protesters, whether the protesters understand the irony of their situation, why anyone in society would support a group, or groups, of people who are in their present situation due to their own personal greed and fiscal irresponsibility, and how these people have managed to convince themselves that it is ok to demand that people who are more responsible with finances should pay off the debts incurred by the protesters and the protesters' families.  Why don't these demonstrators consider the short- and long-term effects of toppling the nation's financial institutions?  Why do so many people feel that they deserve something for nothing?


Brian said...

NO one is funding them, thats the thing, you are exactly right. They are inconsiderate selfish people. IN fact, in portland, they have cost the city 168K already. And who pays for that? The people of Portland. Goodness. Check out this link,

Madison said...

I totally agree. The Occupy Wall Street movement makes me crazy. My favorite news coverage of the movement was a few weeks ago. One of the protesters was upset that the homeless people was eating their food that was supplied for the protesters and one of the homeless men said, "We are the original Occupy Wall Street people!" It was great!

deb8jaz said...

Imagine if Occupy Wallstreet's purpose was to do good and serve in the communities they're invading.